Being aware of the problems caused by pollution and knowing how important it will be to decrease the use of fossil energy sources, we focus on providing innovative, sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions.

We wish to contribute to the improvement of the general quality of life and well-being of individuals while reducing mankind’s ecological foot print.

Our task is two-fold : it first consists in imagining, inventing new solutions ; then it consists in canvassing professionals of the targeted sector to present them with the new alternative in order to plan and go ahead with it’s production and marketing.


The number of pets is continuously on the rise throughout the world. People living in appartments favour cats because of their small size and their independance.

Up to now, no-one has been able to deliver an easy, convenient and hygienic solution to dispose of their body waste.

Additionally, mineral-based cat-litters represent a big pollution hazard with regards to extraction, transportation and landfills. Catloo is a great response to this problematic.


- European patent pending (EP 12175351)


Many people across the world enjoy sailing and spending time at sea. However, power is often an issue on sailboats; indeed, whether the power is required for the sailboat's equipment and rigging or to ensure the user’s comfort, it is often necessary to either turn the engine on in order to charge the batteries or to dock in a marina: These solutions are usually noisy and polluting or expensive and unpleasant.

We are currently researching the most appropriate development technique for a large, all-electric, self-sustaining oceanic sailing vessel.


- Development phase


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